Data testing. This term is slowly making its way into the software world. However, there are several organizations that might still be overlooking the importance of Data Quality Assurance.

It is a simple fact – where there is data engineering, there has to be data testing.

Quality assurance is a process for checking errors and bugs in a program. It’s also called the testing process and it’s usually done by developers/test engineers. Just the same way data testing pertains to testing of work done by data engineers and analysts.

Understand Data Testing with Data Analysis

Before getting into data testing, we must grasp how data is developed and how it differs from other types of programming, such as software development, in order to comprehend where data testing starts.

Let’s begin by defining data. Data is a form of compiled information that is stored in a business tool. The business can choose whether that tool is a database or a spreadsheet, but we start in that initial location where data is generated. There are many possible ways that you can examine your data. You can do it by using software, by programming, or by doing some manual analysis.

About Data Engineering

Data engineering is used for adding meaning to data. Raw data from a source isn’t very useful to anyone. Extract, transform, load, or ETL are the terms used in data engineering to describe the procedure of obtaining the data and making it usable.

After being extracted from the sources, the data can then be altered to accommodate the needs of the company before being fed into the business analysis software. Using the data sets, business specialists and financial analysts will produce reports, charts, and other specified metrics that assist in making business choices.

The Emerging Need for Data Testing

As we transition into the future – the 4th Industrial Revolution now, it becomes absolutely crucial for organizations to transform their ways of working and operations. Testing is one part of that operation.

Perhaps the most essential step in the data engineering process is transformation, without a

 doubt, the most important stage of the data engineering process.

After transforming, testing represents a core part of this process. At the center of the data engineering process are data quality engineers, who assist the technical work of the engineers to supply the necessary data collection and collaborate with business analysts to confirm that data.

Data testing can be calculated by looking at the accuracy of the data, consistency of the data, and completeness of the data. Many different types of software can help with these tests including Excel, SQL, Python, Tableau, and SAS.

The Use of Automation

Automation ensures that testing gets completed rapidly and efficiently. With frequent code drops between sprints, it’s more challenging for manual testers to invest hours on smoke tests. Automation testing helps eliminate unnecessary manual interaction, and it’s an ideal match for Agile QA’s quick, efficient nature.

Data Testing Now and Ahead

The field of data testing is one-of-a-kind and continuously developing. There aren’t many generally used criteria for measuring data quality, and even those, such as the six dimensions of data quality, are up for discussion. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are two branches of data science that are expanding and developing new techniques for corroborating data correctness, consistency, completeness, and other attributes.

What is certain is that the needs of those at the end of the data pipeline and the subjective meaning of the data set being requested experience a significant impact on data quality at the moment. However, we can still utilize our understanding of useful test types and the dimensions of data quality to examine the data that we use on a daily basis. This makes it challenging to discover the correct benchmarks for testing and improving our data quality.

Data quality measures and our knowledge of data testing will also change as our understanding of how to use data does. Hence, yes, your data require constant testing and quality assurance.

Summing Up

Data testing is evolving day by day. While the standards are yet to be formulated and accepted, data testing deserves a lot of attention and merit for applications to perform well, and organizations to stay ahead with the customer experience they deliver.

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