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Infiwave Launches TestFirst QA

TestFirst QA is a dedicated team of test engineers formulated with a mission to improve application performance

Infiwave Solutions, today announced the launch of TestFirst QA, their new, dedicated software QA testing company for end-to-end quality.

With the launch of TestFirst QA, Infiwave Solutions aims to provide a comprehensive and complete suite of quality assurance testing services that cover all forms of testing methodologies. The new company is focused on a mission to deliver better software products.

The main vision behind launching TestFirst QA is to bring all forms of advanced testing methodologies in one place and help products and applications reach their true potential of quality and performance.

This team will bring together a combined experience of test engineers from different experience levels and diverse testing skillset. With the right mix of engineers, this team is all set to be the pathfinder for its clients – in terms of building excellence.

Infiwave Solutions has been providing quality assurance and testing services to its clients for many years. Wth the launch of TestFirst QA, the company will now focus on software development services. This move will allow Infiwave Solutions to provide more specialized and tailored solutions to its clients, as well as help the company to better align with its core values of delivering high performance.

“Our clients have always appreciated the quality assurance testing services we provide,” said Dharinder Vashishta, CEO, Infiwave Solutions. “However, we believe that by launching TestFirst QA, we can provide specialized QA services that are tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We are committed to delivering high-quality testing services that will help our clients deliver better software products,” he added.

TestFirst QA will offer a wide range of software QA testing services, including API testing, performance testing, security testing, and automation testing. Under TestFirst QA a team of experienced and certified testers will work closely with clients to identify potential issues and provide solutions that will 2X the quality of their software products.

“We are excited to launch TestFirst QA and provide our clients with the best software QA testing services in the industry,” Vashishta said. “With our expertise in software development and testing, we are confident that we can help our clients deliver software products that meet their business goals and exceed their customers’ expectations,” he added.

TestFirst QA is now open for business, and Infiwave Solutions invites its clients to contact the company to learn more about its software QA testing services.

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