Next Generation
Critical Communication

Mission Critical Services Ecosystem

We are critical communication experts that are dedicated to providing standardized full mission critical services ecosystem based on 3GPP standards. 3GPP Mission Critical Services can be deployed over LTE or 5G networks to support the communication between mission critical users.

The critical communication evolution is enabling a wider range of use cases to deliver efficient, safer and cost-effective solutions via public mobile networks that are embedded with mission-critical systems

Mission Critical Client/SDK

Our platform is offering IP-based Mission Critical Push to Talk, Mission Critical Data and Mission Critical Video SDK over LTE and 5G networks. The mobile phone manufacturers can integrate our client and offer seamless service to First Responders and Emergency Services.

Our Mission Critical Client support all the three services Mission Critical Pust to Talk, Mission Critical Data and Mission Critical Video to support the exchange of voice,video, text, images, videos, location and other information.

Mission Critical Application Server

Our platform is offering mission critical application server and management servers (IdMS, CMS, GMS, and KMS) with all the capabilities (Mission Critical Push to Talk, Mission Critical Data and Mission Crticial Video) defined by 3GPP. Operators can integrate our solution to offer mission critical services for the mission critical users.

Mission Critical Application Server (AS) interfaces with the operator’s Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and is responsible for providing Mission Critical functionality in conjunction Mission Critical client application installed on user equipment