The quest for improving application quality and user experience has added greater responsibilities on the shoulders of QA teams, worldwide. The need for finding talented and sufficient number of Test Engineers has become a perpetual challenge for software delivery teams. The situation may worsen in the face of multiple deliveries scheduled concurrently.

As a growing team, you may never be too sure as to when such a situation might arise at your organization, and hence, preparing well for the rainy day can help you deliver your best – despite all odds.

Outsourcing QA can thus be a viable option for you. This practice can effectively help fight the challenges of resource crunch while allowing you

  • Access to experienced QA professionals
  • Flexibility to scale up or down as needed
  • Optimize Expenses on QA

Before it is time, consider outsourcing your QA work, and add support for your existing teams. Finding a perfect combination of skills, costs, and experience in a single QA resource may not be as easy as we might be thinking. In times of crisis, asking your development team to test their own code can be even more daunting for you.

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing, when resource-constrained, is that you can gain access to a much more global pool of talent. When you outsource, you’re not merely limited to the talent in your local area. You can tap into a global pool of resources, which means you can acquire the best possible team to operate on your project.

Here are some evident benefits of adding an outsourced team of QA resources:

1. Save the Precious – Time and Costs

 One of the essential benefits of outsourcing QA is that it can help you save time and money.. When you outsource QA, you can focus your internal resources on other aspects of the project. Additionally, by working with an experienced QA provider, you can avoid having to spend time and money training your own staff on how to perform QA tasks more effectively. An outsourced team would always be self-driven, and autopilot.

2. Control Over Loss of Time and Delayed Launches

 By outsourcing QA, you can catch and fix defects early in the development process. This can help you avoid expensive and time-consuming fixes later on, and avoid any delays in time to market. Additionally, by identifying defects early on, you can reduce the likelihood of them impacting the end-user experience.

3. Minimizing Overhead Expenses

An outsourced QA team can help you save the costs which are otherwise incurred in nurturing an in-house team. Their ability to identify critical bugs at early stages can help you save from the wrath of the customer while also keeping up your reputation and preventing escalations. Your investment on the training, development and assessment of this QA team is near to none when you opt for an outsourced one.

4. Eased Out Pressure on In-house Team

Propelling your internal team to work longer hours can lead to making unintentional testing mistakes or losing quality internal talent. Neither of these results is what you require. By adding outsourced offshore QA testers to your project, you can maintain product quality and time to market as well as retain your internal QA team.

5. Assurance to Network Security

Working with a set of employees who are associated remotely may elevate the risks of data loss or compromised systems. A professional outsourced QA team can help monitor and maintain network security. Because of their permanent remote model setup, outsourced QA teams are often well-aligned with remote working protocols and environments. 

Summing Up

QA teams are constantly struggling with resource constraints. Regardless of the size of the team or the products they offer, there always seems to be a lack of internal talent or resources. This often leads to the team having to work around the clock just to keep up.

So, don’t let the myths hold you back. There are plenty of benefits of outsourcing when resource-constrained. If you select the right team, you can reap all of these benefits and more.

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Written by Infiwave Solutions