Infiwave Solutions is a next generation ISO certified software testing quality assurance service provider assisting organizations to deliver best quality applications. Our services enable our customers to release top quality software and apps in a timely manner.

IDS are leaders in data certainty. They offer best-in-class data quality, data integration, transformation and migration, and test data management tools. This reduces risk, as well as dramatically cutting the time and cost of data management at every point.

The Strategic Alliance

The partnership of these two companies provides a comprehensive solution to testing and Quality Assurance that covers software, applications, devices and the underlying data. It brings together the testing expertise of Infiwave, who have a large, satisfied customer base, and the data quality expertise of IDS, who have an industry leading data quality solution.

It is of paramount importance that any data processing does not affect the integrity of the underlying data as this can have a derogatory effect on other processes in the business. IDS provides the expertise and tools that give 100% data certainty. This is essential for day to day business as well as any migrations and new releases of software.

The alliance will create greater opportunities for both companies by providing a more complete solution to testing and quality assurance requirements.

CTO and Co-Founder of IDS, James Briers said:

“We are extremely excited about partnering with Infiwave, it is fantastic to be collaborating and supporting such a forward-thinking QA organisation. It will be a pleasure to form this alliance to deliver QA focused and innovative capabilities and develop new business opportunities.”

Director of Infiwave Solutions Steve Moore, on the collaboration said:

“We are delighted to announce our new partnership with IDS. A key component of any Testing and QA initiative is the quality of the underlying data and the effect of any software development on that Data. By partnering with an industry leader in Data Quality software then we can ensure that we are using best of breed tools to deliver Data certainty in our projects. We look forward to a successful and long partnership with IDS that will strengthen our proposition and benefit our clients.”

About Infiwave Solutions

Infiwave Solutions is a next-generation ISO certified QA & Software testing company that helps organizations build better quality products and services. They have a global presence with offices and branches in India, United States, France, and United Kingdom with world-class labs strategically placed in multiple locations.

About Intelligent Delivery Solutions

IDS are a high-growth data assurance business providing data certainty to organizations in the public sector, financial services, healthcare, and legal services industries. IDS operates at every point in the data journey, from ingestion, profiling and cleaning, through migration, transformation and test data management, making sure client data is always protected and assured.

About the Author

Written by Infiwave Solutions