Do you know the exact number of apps installed on your phone right now? On average, a person has around 40 apps on their smartphones and 89% of users split between only 18 apps which is less than 50%. But to look at it, an individual uses almost 18 apps regularly.

This digital consumption multiplied several folds during the Covid times, bringing everything and everyone online – right from food to medicine. Since then all the business owners have made sure to have a presence online on all social media platforms and upgraded to the latest trends.

This digitization has also brought about challenges of quick abandonment. You need to be highly competitive and value-driven to ensure your customers stick to your app or brand and you do not lose them out to your rivals.

Several of your competitors must be looking for ways to improve customer retention and reduce churn. It is time, you do it too and better than them! One way to do this is by outsourcing digital technology testing.


No time constraint:  As well know that testing is a very time consuming and lengthy process. And in case it has to be done from scratch then it is even more time taking than the usual testing process. These testing generally take place in various steps which include units to integration to complete test cycles and then maintenance. With outsourcing digital technologies testing, testing and QA can be done full-time without interruption.

Team of experts: The benefits of outsourcing digital technologies testing are that you get a team of experts who have the experience and expertise in this field. Since there are many complex steps involved throughout the process of testing, this provides the exposure of experts which helps reduce the time taken and no.of errors made.

Affordable: Outsourcing digital technologies testing will eliminate the cost of setting up a place for testing, gathering the tools, maintenance and training.

24/7 availability: Outsourcing an offshore QA team will give you the benefit of running automated test scripts 24/7, even when the developing team isn’t available. This makes the process of testing 2x faster.

Collaboration: collaborating or partnering with an outsourcing QA partner helps you grow your QA team. It gives you the flexibility to add members as and when required. They are also unbiased and can help you with the development cycle and provide you with flexible teams for your project.

Outsourcing digital technology testing is a good idea for those who want to boost their customer retention. While competing in the present day, it’s necessary to keep in mind the present trends and how everyone has become a part of this cycle of constant evolution.

Summing up

Partnering with an outsourced QA provider for digital technologies testing can really help you grow your business. And one can see the growth faster than the traditional methods. Have you already outsourced QA provider?

To grow your business, outsource to expert QA providers today.

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