Overview, Who we are?

Infiwave is a company based in the U.S., UK, India, and France that aims to help you on your journey to digital transformation. With our vision, we want to accelerate our customers’ success by providing a smooth transition into their digital future. To provide this, we provide a variety of software testing methods.

Why do Full Life-Cycle testing with us? Enjoy the manifold benefits:

  • Quality assurance life cycle with full transparency in each stage of development
  • Smart life cycle testing by understanding the logic and carrying out deep software testing
  • Ensures quality and ensures the customer’s confidence with clear results
  • Easy communication with the dev team knowing the bugs, completion status, and more

Challenges! Too many to be faced!

In the software industry, there are many challenges that will need to be overcome. Understanding the work domain, adapting to change, ensuring quality, self-development, flawless testing, and so on are common examples. In this industry of continuous delivery and growing expectations, numerous challenges are increasing daily.

How choosing us is beneficial? We can offer:

  • Years of experience managing work, assurance of quality and timely deliveries
  • Time tested advice meeting specific needs, experience speaks for us
  • Quicker and better development, progressing in the industry with better projects
  • Shorter timeframes with effective management, quick deliveries in shorter time spans
  • High-quality product with no-error, delivering quality i.e. bug free

Solutions- This is how we work!

  • Making a team according to the task
  • Identifying strengths & weaknesses
  • Evaluating the current QA processes
  • Identifying the problems with continuous testing
  • Creating a plan to solve the problem
  • Conduct the most suitable testing
  • Improve efficiency by creating a plan for manual QA
  • Assess implementation with continuous monitoring

Results- Solutions at the door.

Enjoy working with us, Quality and Timely Results Assured.

With the smooth working culture and easy-going atmosphere, we have built a company reputation providing error-free work. Having long experience in the testing industry with QA consulting, Infiwave helps small and big companies to establish and maintain the software development lifecycle process. We are here when you need us.

About the Author

Written by Infiwave Solutions