Businesses that are currently managing their show through software applications require unrivaled Quality Assurance, reduced time to market, and a wolf-like accuracy. These demands challenge the traditional QA processes. In order to stay ahead of the curve and beat the competitors at their game, the businesses must consider setting up a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) or hiring a team that has such a center. 

Traditional methods of quality assurance may lag behind in terms of meeting the demand for precision, accuracy, velocity and performance. A TCoE can attend to this need and take testing to the next-level.


Testing center of excellence is a new approach to quality assurance. It is an Agile and strategic way to develop the testing process. It is a combination of different testing techniques, which are used to find and fix bugs in applications.

It is a strategic business unit that is responsible for improving the quality and assurance of the organization’s products, services, and processes.

The rise and roar of TCoE

The rise of the testing center of excellence is due to the need for companies to have a competitive edge in today’s market, which requires them to ensure that their products are flawless and meet customer expectations.

Testing center of excellence- Quality assurance source, has been seen as a result of increased demand for quality products at an affordable price. A testing center of excellence ensures that all aspects related to product quality are taken care of before they reach their final destination.


TCoE helps companies to increase their agility and proficiency in testing. They do this by using data-driven decisions, automation, and continuous improvement.

The TCoE will be responsible for driving continuous improvement in quality and assurance across all aspects of the organization, including agile development practices, software testing techniques, risk management processes, and more.

A testing center of excellence can help companies achieve these goals by providing them with a framework for managing their quality assurance processes as well as training and coaching their employees on how to work efficiently with these processes. It ensures that teams have the right skills, processes in place, and tools needed to deliver quality work at speed

The TCoE provides the following benefits:

-Assurance of better quality: It helps in the identification and elimination of defects from the software before it is released to the market. With all the testing, planning, execution, verification, use of metrics and expertise, any company will automatically produce high quality software.

-Time saving: It reduces the time taken for performing quality assurance testing through cross functional team practice.

-Increased Agility: The TCoE helps companies to increase their agility and proficiency in testing. They do this by using data-driven decisions, automation, and continuous improvement which provides better results in less time.

-Efficient: One of the major challenges faced by the QA team is to provide an accurate estimate time of closure of the testing activities, by introducing a TCoE can accelerate the process and give an accurate estimate of closure with the faster release of the application to the market. It is one way to make sure that quality assurance is done in an agile manner and with a focus on efficiency and excellence.

-Customer Satisfaction: It helps in improving customer satisfaction levels by ensuring that customers receive high quality products with minimum defects at the right time without any delay.

Summing Up

Testing Center of Excellence will be all-in-all help your organization deliver high quality products at a reduced time. This will eventually boost your company’s overall performance.

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