E-commerce is a growth engine for the brick-and-mortar structures supported by e-commerce shoppers.

Our client- a renowned name in the e-commerce world, was facing some problems to meet the mellowing growth of the market and satisfying their customers and needless to say, how imperative is to keep the e-customers happy!

Only flawless functioning and positive user experience can help in the pinnacle of growth for any business. Here, Infiwave with the manifold test practices planned to work to meeting the dynamic market condition, and growing demands adhering to the preeminent standards of quality for the customers.


We planned something phenomenal for our client so that in the future he doesn’t need to hustle with the application and website.

  • Making the website and application satisfying the customers, matching market-leading expectations, and market competition.
  • An ideal e-commerce platform proving to be a game-changer and money-spinner for the owner and for that the customer-centric platform is important to generate revenue from it.
  • Making a platform compatible with any and every payment gateway for instant services proving as a triumphant and unswerving brand providing flawless services.


Redefining the emerging technologies and excelling in the business practices in the era of digitalization is hard. This pool of technology world daily come up with something out of the box, Infiwave team faced many demurs like:

  • Selection of the right testers team that is willing to put all of their efforts into the project
  • Team having a pool of knowledge about e-commerce domain is not possible to redeem the track
  • Developers able to monitor the frequent updates to make the app bug-free and avoid any pitfalls
  • Consumption of a lot of time and effort in scheduling updates by the QA testers
  • Lack of structured testing including the plans, cases, tools, and results
  • Numerous interfaces for payment and other advanced functions that were missed and we found them out
  • No scalable test process improves the collection of metrics and the overall quality of the application


With the implementation of sound test strategy and quick-witted techniques, Infiwave conquered all the roadblocks ensuring quality, immaculate performance, and flawless results. The test management software managed task reporting and test cycle invites to streamline the testing experience.

  • Execution of automation testing reducing manual efforts and perhaps errors. This provided robustness and a quick design of the framework.
  • End-to-End (E2E) testing to mitigate the quality issues from beginning to end by validating the system with a real user scenario.
  • Verified the system by interacting the main system with subsystems, UI, API, and other needed applications.
  • Performance testing ensuring timely page loading with a whole lot of content available on one page. The team performed several tasks simultaneously in a day.


Not just a few but Infiwave unfolded many more issues during testing about which even the client was unaware of. Like the transaction issues where customers were unable to pay from all gateways, some of the updates and latest requirements to make the application and website robust, etc.

Here our diversified testing comes in and eradicated the errors making it bug and glitch-free. Now the users can enjoy the ceaseless shopping experience. Infiwave provided a holistic and industry-leading approach that is economically viable.

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